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They laugh a little as the doors close on the elevator. FIFTH AVE BUILDING - BAD APARTMENT/HALL -- MOMENTS LATER 13 A door is opened up by CAROL (55) their real estate agent.

FIFTH AVE BUILDING/HALLWAY -- MOMENTS LATER 14 The Building Agent holds the elevator doors open for Carrie, Big and Carol as they get on.

In the window -- a MANNEQUIN is wearing -- the best of everything. Her finger moves along a series of DESIGNER shoe boxes...

The young women reveal: CARRIE BRADSHAW (41) and fabulous -- walking towards us.

She watches them as they pass, a SMILE grows on her face.

CENTRAL PARK CAROUSEL -- DAY -- SUMMER 9 Charlotte (40) and HARRY and their beautiful Asian daughter LILY (3) go around.

Samantha (49) sits near the pool wearing a white bikini and huge white sunglasses making deals on the phone as SMITH lays nearby in a bathing suit -- reading a script.

PENTHOUSE -- MOMENTS LATER -- SUMMER 15 A gorgeous pre-war penthouse apartment.