Virgo dating a scorpio

Communications will be strong but unfortunately verbalizing these feelings may not be easy.

Perhaps you don’t need to verbalise some feelings as there is a mutual understanding that goes beyond the limits of language.

They may not even think that they've done anything wrong. In any case, it appears that the planets provide you with enough independent, personal happiness that this shouldn't be too much of a problem for you now.

You should enrich your home as it’s an auspicious time to do so however, there may be difficulties in releasing your hold over someone, especially if you’re a parent. Your protective instincts are strong and this would equate with the stronger nurturing of family and friends.

Your generosity will be appreciated and reciprocated.

Just remember you can’t force others to take what you wish to give them even if it’s only advice.

Domestically, if you sweep problems under the rug it's only a matter of time before the issues re-surface to come back and haunt you.

You may need to exercise careful judgment and adapt to obligatory events as well as exercising for your physical well-being.