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Well known theatre manager and producer, Henry Duffy, operated the El Capitan for a decade, producing over 120 live plays on its stage, including NO, NO, NANETTE, ANYTHING GOES, and AH, WILDERNESS.

Legendary stars Clark Gable, Buster Keaton, Mary Pickford, Joan Fontaine, Henry Fonda and Will Rogers have graced the El Capitan stage.

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Who is clark gable dating

The renovation restored many of the original design details such as the ornate plasterwork found hidden behind walls.

Using old pictures of the original theatre, Musil reconstructed missing elements such as the opera boxes in the main auditorium as well as the lobby, recreating the ornate glamour of the El Capitan.

The newly restored movie palace, declared a Historic Cultural Monument by the City of Los Angeles, reopened its doors to the public on June 19, 1991 for the world premiere of Walt Disney Pictures' THE ROCKETEER.

THE ROCKETEER became the first of many Walt Disney Pictures feature films to premiere at the El Capitan Theatre.

In 1941, the El Capitan Theatre was converted from a playhouse to a movie theatre.