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Not originally a Carry On film, that title was added almost at the end of production, and didnt even appear in the finished product.

Nevertheless, with Kenneth Williams ("theres many a good fiddle played on an old dune") and company in attendance, the film is a classic of the series.

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") decides to go ahead with his own operation, with the help of a few similarly inebriated fellow patients.

Oliver Reckitt Kenneth Williams Humphrey Hinton Charles Hawtrey Dorothy Denton Shirley Eaton Matron Hattie Jacques Bernie Bishop Kenneth Conner Nurse Dawson Joan Sims Jill Thompson Jill Ireland Edward York Terence Langdon Percy Hickson Bill Owen Jack Bell Leslie Phillips Sister Joan Hickson Mr Raven Harry Locke Staff Nurse Ann Firbank Mick Brian Oulton The Colonel Wilfred Hyde White Norm Norman Rossington Jane Bishop Susan Shaw Marje Hickson Irene Handl Ginger Michael Medwin Maisie June Whitfield Nurse Nightingale Susan Beaumont (1959 C4 95-minutes B&W) Carry On Constable Long-suffering police sergeant Wilkins (Sid James) finds his patience tested to near breaking point by a new bunch of coppers at the local station, who are sent as relief staff during a flu epidemic.

" A send-up of the French Revolution, with attractive costumes and elegant staging - and just as vulgar as ever.

Sir Rodney Ffing and Lord Darcy lend a hand to the noble heads of France during the revolution of 1789, but Citizen Camembert, head of the secret police, and his assistant Bidet, are soon on their trail.

The SS Happy Wanderer is about to set off on a cruise when the captain discovers most of his crew are willing but not very able newcomers.