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It’s unclear just when they started to drift apart, but after being married for five years, young couple Carl (Sam Huntington) and Sue (Meaghan Rath) might as well be strangers.In an effort to rekindle their romance, Carl takes Sue on a weekend ski trip to a resort in the Laurentians, the same one he used to go to with a former flame Robyn (Emmanuelle Chriqui), a woman with whom he had a steamy and passionate relationship he has never gotten over, as evidenced by the look on his face when she greets him at the resort’s front desk.I think good directors respect and listen to the people they’re working with. I gravitate to writers that focus on characters, rather plot. Recently, I really enjoyed Eugenides’ Marriage Plot and Adelle Waldman’s first book, The Secret Lives of Nathaniel P. What is the biggest obstacle facing independent filmmakers today? So getting your films made, sold and watched is a huge challenge. Indie filmmakers shouldn’t let this deter them, though. They’re not going to pay you, but the fact that they’re invested will keep you going.

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Sue has no idea Carl and Robyn have a past, let alone that her husband’s whisked her away to the same place he and her host spent days together.

is set and shot in Montreal and the Laurentians and features a great supporting performance by Reagan Pasternak who plays Stacey, Carl’s wingwoman.

(L-R) Meaghan Rath, Pat Kiely, Sam Huntington and Emmanuelle Chriqui attend the 'Three Night Stand' official cast and filmmakers cocktail hour at Rock & Reilly's - 2014 Park City on January 19, 2014 in Park City, Utah.

, which he also wrote, Pat Kiely takes on the messiness of a fizzling marriage.

There are other nuances that I picked up as a Montrealer that I appreciated.