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These items will one day find a new home and possibly enrich me both monetarily and in comfort in knowing that they will be treasured in their new home.

- My years of involvement with the dream of personal computing dating back to around 1972 led to my "gathering and hoarding" of hardware, software, documentation for IMSAI and competitors, and so many smaller treasures that were reminders of the great past we witnessed and lived through.

The "War Games IMSAI" seems to have been rediscovered yet again, this being the 32nd anniversary of the 1983 MGM film "War Games, which starred the then-unknown Matthew Broderick and Ally Sheedy.

I had been working for IMS Associates for a few months previous (which would become IMSAI a few months later), and was not present when Jobs and Wozniak gave their spiel.

Joe Killian stated in later reminiscences that he told the pair that IMSAI was too constrained in its own projects to consider taking on another product line.

For some background on our earlier attempt at this some ten years ago, the project almost made it out of the prototype stage and into a marketable product, though with a very narrow and mostly sentimental potential as envisioned at the time.

In 2002 Howard Harte brought in some exciting concepts that I was able to embody into the classic IMSAI form factor, and we attracted the initial development support from at least one talented individual who mysteriously disappeared just when we had reached a point of viability.

I sent him some photos that I took in 2006 when I provided the props for an AT&T commercial shoot in Playa Del Ray, California in one of Howard Hughes' immense airplane hangers which are now being used for film and commercial shoots. I had a run on demand for the front panel switch escutcheons and have knocked out a fresh batch.