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Any police officer to whom such warrant is delivered shall thereupon apprehend such person, who shall be brought before the court to give evidence or to produce the book, document, record or other item.

In addition, such person shall be liable to such fine, not exceeding four hundred maloti, as the President of the Court may determine.(2) If any person who has been summoned under section 29 refuses to be sworn or affirmed as a witness, or, having been sworn or affirmed, refuses to answer fully and satisfactorily any question he or she is lawfully required to answer, or refuses or fails to produce any book, document, record or other item and does not excuse his or her refusal or failure to the satisfaction of the Court, the President of the Court may order that such person be detained in custody as if he or she were a prisoner awaiting trial.

However except for the purpose of enforcement of the Code or with the previous consent of the employer furnishing the return or statistics, no individual return or part thereof shall be published or admitted in evidence in any other civil or criminal proceedings.

Nor shall such return be disclosed to any person other than a person employed to carry out a duty under the Code, including the compilation, analysis and tabulation of returns and statistics under the provisions of this subsection.

Any person who knowingly gives false testimony touching any matter which is material to any question then pending in any proceedings before the court or intended to be raised in such proceedings shall be guilty of an offence and liable on conviction to imprisonment for a term not exceeding three years.