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Six months after her daughter Briella was born, however, Lintz said she suffered from postpartum depression and had a weeklong relapse."I was shooting up and crying at the same time," she said.I've just got to take it slow and be patient." Lintz added, "My faith, that church, has helped me tremendously." At church, Lintz is involved with Bible study and will be baptized soon. What she has found, Lintz said, is that not everyone is able to reach recovery via the same path.

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When I used alcohol or marijuana, I seemed to feel more normal." As she began dating, Lintz said she always focused her attention on others.

"I was always trying to take care of someone else," including those she dated, she said.

"I'd get out of rehab and be in worse shape because I wasn't doing anything for my recovery — I wasn't doing anything in place of taking drugs," she said. Lintz said her devastated parents and grandfather worked to find the funds to pay her bail.

"The 'medicine" wasn't there and I had nothing to help me cope with life, I was left to my own devices. "My family is a huge part of my story, my recovery." Out of jail, on top of trying to stay clean with no outlets and no meetings, Lintz said she "begged the court" to send her to rehab as a condition of her sentence. I really just needed help, someone to say they would send me to rehab." That moment, she said, was what ultimately led her to begin speaking on addiction in order to shed light on the realities that are faced by addicts who are trying to find a way out of the darkness.

"I didn't want to be using but I didn't know how to cope." The drugs, she said, were there, and "I did it." Her baby, just 6 months old, was home while she was using heroin, Lintz said. She attributes her deep faith with guiding her toward recovery. It's brought me to a place where I'm so happy, mentally and spiritually.