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We then made some minor modifications to Virtual Dub to record in miliseconds the average time required to decode these two bitstreams over three passes with all other non-critical processes closed on our test machine, a Dell Preceision M90 featuring the Intel Centrino Duo.

The chart shows that in our test when we disabled post-processing and compared the time taken by Div X Codec 6.7 against Div X Codec 6.8.2 for the clip encoded at Q2, Div X Codec 6.8.2 performed 37% faster.

Div X Codec 6.8.2 clearly outpaces 6.7 even when full deblocking with sharpening is enabled, the most taxing of all post-processing settings.

Custom quantization matrices Div X 6.8 also introduced custom quantization matrices as an option in the encoder when using either of the HD profiles or unconstrained mode.

In addition, Div X Codec 6.8.2 will contain fixes for several issues reported to us since the 6.8 release, including better support for dual monitors and for older Div X files.