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t3a-\j Now Ready.— The Rules of Practice adopted In general session of tlte . BIGELOW & DALRYMPLE, ATTORNEYS AND COUNSELLORS AT LAW, St.

«9-Thii train will be furnished with a'Sleep- Ing Car, and first class passengers will be pro- vided with berths without extra charge, and FARE AS LOW AS BY STEAMER ON LAKE.

Sergeant Waldo Farrar, Second Lieutenant, rat has yet taken this ground without caste with the leaders and wire* "f the party. J f i V "• tdnunjstra- of the abo Utionists and of the •*»*"*^ " trators at Richmond and the arguments used by the men at the North, who are opposing the Republican administration. 5, where it was thought they would attempt to re-cross. Anthony, Saturday, October llth, infaat daughter of Mr. Sale at ourroo BS, Third-st., Stone Store next the Bridge. Mer8, one child with four lutehet wounds in its head, through two of which the brain can be seen to pulsate; one man only escaped, in a company of eight ambushed by the Indians within the limits of the town ; one lady whose husband, brother, brother-in- 'aw, and husband's brother-in-law, f VJl in the last named number; one man, shot in the mouth with three rifle balls, yet lives and will live, though horribly mangl*^! Our bmnlbusses will run to and lhm the prto- clpal Hotels and Boats in connection with the trains of the ST. ;pa88enger8 and baggage will be called fbr in answer to orders left at the Wlnslow, American International and Merchants^ or at our offioe. The people want "the column to move on." I have just returned from a three weeks' journey through the great Northwest, which has sent forth its gal- lant sons so generously for this terrible war, and is still so unhesitatingly loyal and patriotic, and everywhere 1 found it to be the earnest wish that the column should go forward ! Stover, late State agent of Indiana, for issuing forged and fraudu- lent bonds.

As soon as the head of the column landed on the Maryland side, our pickets opened a lively skirmish with them, in which one of the 12th Illinois cavalry was killed. There was yesterday a general move- ment of our troops towards dam No. AUG TI ONI fhii morning, Tuesday, Octolier 14th at 10 o'clook, we sell at auction, several FEATHER BEOS, and a lot of Household Goods.

I ex- tract teeth for fifty cents each, and destroy the nerve of teeth without the least pain for fifty cents. HARDEE'S, 2 Vols., also the 25 cent edi Uon of Hardee's Tactics. ia T'nq ^tgo ovbb TWO HUNDRED REAMS ILietteir, Oap Sc ]Vot«P«tpei* Also, Among the Pines ; Out of His Head ; and all three parts of Les Miserable!