Random sex chatting - Updating intel matrix storage manager

On top of this, it can "sometimes" make your machine go faster under certain circumstances - it installs some funky I/O drivers that increase access times. Having RAID and running WAMP are not actually related.

Can someone of all you wise members of this forum please help me out (Maybe it just isnt possible to get it working but will not go down without a fight, I will rather destroy the MB trying than giving up )Thank you in advance! Remove the OEM Logo module from the BIOS (this will give more space within the BIOS) and save the BIOS after having done that.2. My suggestion: Break the RAID, create a new array by using the Intel RAID ROM v11.2.0.1527 and then retry the OS installation by booting off the USB Flash Drive. The RAID5 array was actually created on, then I removed it again while trying to get it to work. I also created a new RAID5 array with the installed without any success, every time it stops working when trying to load windows install I have done some googling on the issue and tried everything possible, removed all but one drive and tried each SATA port individually, and before I tried all memory slots/sticks individually with only one drive but all with the same result.

Replace the original Intel RAID ROM of the BIOS by the v11.2.0.1527 and save the modified BIOS again.3. As soon as I switch over to IDE setting in BIOS it works directly I dont understand this at all, it was working to have the raid functionality active in BIOS before I updated to the latest versions of Intel RAID ROM - I had a RAID 1 array earlier (which Ive removed as well).

I've reinstalled Think Vantage System Update 4.03 and hidden the proposed Intel Matrix Storage Manager update; since then, I've used it to complete my Lenovo updates without issue.

I hope this post will help other people with this problem find the solution a lot faster than it took me!

Symptoms: Windows Update control panel can't check for updates and reports that the Windows Update service isn't running when it actually is.