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It brings you closer to your partner not just physically but emotionally as well.

Even if someone isn’t your perfect match sexually, there has to be enough compatibility to support a future together.

If things are great between the two of you, but she declines your sexual advances, you should get to the bottom of it by communicating with her.

It could be that she’s stressed elsewhere (friend drama, family or work issues you may not even know about it), and that anxiety is another libido killer. Being depressed and on certain medications can also be an issue.

“Since you won’t have sex with me, would you consider having an open relationship, where I can have sex with other people?

” Again, communicating your need for sex will make her understand.

When you’re with someone for several years, living together can sometimes make one feel like they are more like roommates rather than partners/lovers, or sex can somewhat become robotic or mechanical and start to feel like a chore rather than something you once enjoyed for some. Other factors could be having children or even relationship neglect due to being busy with work all the time.