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It can be used by an individual as a self-study course, or by parents with their teens, or within a group setting. These training seminars require the purchasing of the Instructor’s Certification Packet.It is included in the Instructors Certification Packet and is used in part or whole by some instructors when they teach the PICK curriculum. The second way that you can become certified is by purchasing the Instructor’s Certification Packet (ICP) from the PICK Products page online.

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It has been taught in middle schools, high schools, universities, non-profit organizations, domestic violence shelters, churches, and in all branches of the military.

The PICK program is also translated into Spanish and Mandarin and has been used in Spanish speaking communities as well as in Singapore.

We have a massive host of cognitive biases that color how we see the world and how we see ourselves, and it’s incredibly easy to justify ourselves to paint us in the most positive light.

As a result: it’s pretty easy to end up blind to some of your own flaws or mistakes.

Many certified instructors in churches use this workbook when they teach PICK. The PICK Educational Program on video (DVD) is a live presentation by Dr.

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