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Terrance, Phillip, Celine, and everyone else (excluding Scott) celebrate their freedom with a rendition of "O Canada".

During the credits, an announcement is made that the solution to who Cartman's father is would be answered "in a few weeks".

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Diane Werts of Newsday said of the episode, "Fans rioted. The lesson: Pay off our expectations, or you'll be sorry." Philip Martin of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, who said in May 1998 the South Park phenomenon was "dead", described the April Fools' prank as "lamentable" and part of the reason for the show's apparent decline.

Others, however, praised Parker and Stone for making the move at the risk of upsetting fans.

The episode begins with an announcement that viewers have waited for weeks for the answer to the mystery "Who Is Cartman's Father", but then points out that the answer will not be revealed in this episode; instead, there is a presentation of Not Without My Anus starring Terrance and Phillip.

A caption wishes the viewers a happy April Fools' Day.

The duo return Sally to her home, where Saddam has now taken control.