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Though her uncle was unconvinced that the show was for his own age-group, saying: 'It's drivel, the language.

But it's not aimed at me.'Luckily, as Camilla's mum stated, Grandma Thurlow had been relying on the subtitles.

Peter went on to say: 'I think, [Camilla's mother] Deborah has found the whole thing difficult because she can't interact.''To see a member of your family upset when you can't engage with them is a sad thing.

Her reaction has been to stay somewhat distant, I think.'He continued: 'I have watched bits of it but there's no fundamental enjoyment of the show anymore than there is watching Big Brother.'I echo her dad's comments, which were that he's delighted she is happy and the rest of it absolutely academic really.'We are pleased if she is,' he said, adding: 'If it creates a career then she has done well is the reality.'Peter's wife Yvonne said: 'She's done brilliantly, we are all very proud of her.'Camilla's aunt Christine Venney declined to comment when approached outside her home in Glastonbury.

He told her: 'It’s so nice to see you with someone who is making you happy.'The duo reached the final after striking up a romance four weeks into the show.