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This is the grass on which the last remnants of European bison feed on and the vodka is imbued with its subtle, musty aroma.A leaf is manually entered in every vodka bottle – playing the role of the agave worm in Mezcal containers – which, in theory, means that each unit sold has a slightly different flavour.In 1652 the nobility was granted the monopoly of its manufacture and sale; In 1925 it was turned into a Government Monopoly, easily sliding into the Communist vera concept of a state controlling companies – in the case Polmoz.

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Today Polish vodka is defined as one produced exclusively in Poland, from potatoes or traditional cereals: rye, wheat, barley, oats and triticale (a hybrid of wheat and rye grown in Eastern Europe).

So on to the tasting of the main five brands of Polish vodka.

By the time Poland entered the EU, everyone and her husband brewed vodka (I had some cheap yellow Vietnamese vodka in Singapore myself) so any Designation of Origin became impossible.

Still, the Polish government persisted and created its own.

In my recent trip to Poland I had the pleasure of being introduced to Polish vodka tasting by Pawel Dziubek of Dom Wina wines and spirits in the old Polish manor house (now a hotel) of Dwór Sieraków.