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There could even be specials made to slightly different European specifications.Or some specific things would be made available like the AC lighting for some European motors.

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I document here what I have encountered, so that I can go back and read my own writings if something pops up years later.

For these outboard motor repair articles, I DO NOT try to give the reader a documented list of parts needed for a conversion, (as this could be different because of running changes made even within the same models), but do try to document what differences I have encountered and tricks I have learned, many of which are not listed in service manuals.

My articles are probably the most complete information you will find for the 9.9/15hp Johnson/Evinrude motors, however they can be extensive and dull reading for the person who has no clue as for outboard repairs.

I often get inquiries, which I try to answer, however most of the time, the information requested is there, if that person would have taken the time to read farther.

Late 1990's they both were either black, white or a blue gray depending on the year.