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Allan was introduced to songwriter/producer Byron Hill on August 28, 1993 by a mutual friend and talent-scout Jim Seal, at a bar called the Lion D'or in Downey, California, where Allan was already regularly performing.

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Who is gary allan dating now 2016

Many of the venues they played were packed, and promoters often tried to move them to larger clubs.

The moves would have required him to stop playing some of the older country music, such as covers of George Jones songs, so Allan refused.

He released his first album, ' Used Heart for Sale,' in 1996, but it was really his third album, 1999's ' Smoke Rings in the Dark,' that was his commercial breakthrough, going Platinum.

Allan was struck by tragedy when his third wife, Angela, committed suicide in 2004, and subsequent albums dealt with Allan's inner pain, particularly 2005's ' Tough All Over,' which produced a hit in "Life Ain't Always Beautiful." He has scored a string of No.

1 hits that include "Man to Man," "Tough Little Boys," "Nothing on But the Radio" and "Every Storm (Runs Out of Rain)," and he turned in a slightly different musical direction for "Hangover Tonight" in 2015.