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I would be the first to say that Germany is a really awesome country.However, there are just some days where I just really miss home, you know? Comfort food, piping hot from my brand new mini oven.

Obviously, I have no solo skills in this area of kitchen-craft.

But I just had the audacity to tackle this famous Julia Child recipe, “Reine de Saba (Queen of Sheba)” . Don’t be fooled by the white-chocolate—this fair lady has a dark, fudgy (and mischievous, with almonds and amaretto) heart.

With only 28 days (or 29 during leap-years), work seems to pile up quicker than other months, not to mention that it’s the month with the notorious commercial holiday called “single awareness day” (SAD – a.k.a., St. So instead of being crabby and sick (I was, and still am, down with the winter colds), I decided to go on a personal project in which to focus my stressed-out energies. In the spirit of sharing my affection to others, I chose baking.

When the going in the lab (and love) gets tough, the tough goes…to the kitchen. Challenging for someone whose last memory of baking was when she was a nine-year-old helping her mom make plain cake.

I’ve also used frozen veggies – really, I think they have an undeserving bad rap sometimes – because I just don’t have the time or patience tonight to peel and chop up fresh ones.