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All bathtub & tile refinishing / reglazing service comes with a 10-year guarantee.Nutrition Australia’s Pyramid has continually evolved for over 30 years, always with the same aim: to encourage Australians to eat a varied and balanced diet in line with current dietary guidelines.Thermoglaze fluorocarbin technology is superior to the normal bathtub refinishing industry.

It can also be used for fiberglass bathtubs, shower walls, bathtub wall units, and shower bases. This allows us to glaze several layers of the flouropolymer glaze to your old surface.

This is why our Thermoglaze process gives the product its reputation for being thicker, harder, & the strongest porcelain like glaze in the industry. Done on location and very easy to keep clean thermoglaze Bathtub Refinishing is the only company in the tub & tile refinishing market that uses this exclusive technology.

This advice is intended for the average ‘healthy’ person.

People who are pregnant or breastfeeding, or who have a chronic health condition, food intolerance or allergies should speak to their GP or an Accredited Practising Dietitian for specific dietary advice.

No demolition mess combined with only a day's down time makes our exclusive thermoglaze technology the best choice when it comes to having your bathtub or tile resurfaced. Thermoglaze is the only Flouro-carbon polymer porcelain glaze currently being used in the bathtub refinishing market.