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And it’s crystal clear that social media have been crucial—a simple hashtag gets launched on Twitter, and a global movement for social justice is unleashed. I’m a smartphone refusenik, and a vehement one at that.Anyone attempting to stake out an oppositional stance on a transformative technology, however, has to begin by acknowledging the upside of that technology—which, with the smartphone, is both impressive and ubiquitous. What are we giving up in exchange for what we’re getting?Taken together, these arguments suggest that in opposing a powerful technological innovation, you’re being blinkered, hypocritical or just plain foolish—the hapless neo-Luddite, ignoring the matrix of technological innovations over the last 500 years that created the “normal” to which he is clinging.

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“But life doesn’t always come with that kind of certainty, and they’re never practicing the skill of rolling with the punches, of walking into an unknown or awkward social situation and learning that they can survive it.” They’re being disabled, in other words, for the normal vicissitudes and unpredictability of life.

That “skill of rolling with the punches,” also known as resilience, or grit, represents a value our culture purports to cherish.

Take the current remarkable toppling of powerful men for sexual harassment.

This viral phenomenon reflects a great deal of pent-up torment suffered by women worldwide.

Much of this deterioration can be traced to their phones.” And: “The twin rise of the smartphone and social media has caused an earthquake of a magnitude we’ve not seen in a very long time, if ever.” It isn’t just what’s going on among and around smartphone users, moreover, but inside them.