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I immediately sent one of our family over there with his call and favorite treats and he came right up to us.

After being missing for three days, he is a bit on the skinny side but with a little TLC and he'll be back to his normal, happy little self.

We still hold hope that with her being so friendly and not skittish of strangers, she may have been taken in by someone and cared for and loved by them and if she goes to an area pet care facility there remains an alert for her and a chance that she might be returned. It was great to see people working together to meet a need.

Thank you so much for helping us keep that glimmer of hope the Bulletin..she said that she did and that he just ran underneath the white fence. Also it was good to have bulletin so it made describing Walker so much easier. God blessneighbors in this rural area filled with Coyotes, Bears and other creatures that would think of Jellybean as a tasty snack.

She had never left our fenced yard in the seven years we've had her until now.