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and not once had I moaned.’The Manchester-born internet entrepreneur, who hopes to stand in the 2020 election, yesterday said the military scrapped the experiment before she completed training and that it was never explicitly confirmed she would become an SAS reservist.

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Miss Ahmed wrote: ‘I was undergoing gruelling training to join the Army.

And not just any regiment, either, but the most elite of all – the SAS, who were preparing me to become one of their first female reservists.’ But last month Russia Today, a state-funded broadcaster, published an online article disputing some of her claims and she faced a torrent of online abuse.

Now Miss Ahmed, who stood in Rochdale in the 2015 election, has questioned why the article appeared on the same day Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon – whom she introduced at last year’s Tory conference – announced a crackdown on Russian cyber attacks.

Miss Ahmed, who believes the article was an attempt to discredit Sir Michael, continued to be abused on social media, with one comment saying: ‘You are a deceitful b**** ...

From about 200 pre-selected candidates, only about 30 pass the selection process. Azi Ahmed, 45, from Rochdale, who was one of the country's only women who spent a year training to become an SAS reservist as part of a special one-off programme that included ladies, spoke to Cosmopolitan about what exactly the training entails.