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Kristin Grannis was pictured cuddling nine-year-old Annalise in Los Angeles on October 16.The 40-year-old and the youngster were clearly closely bonded as they laughed and hugged walking down the street.However, it was the articles and books written by the CIO/Controlled Crying advocates that really cemented my belief that sleep-training babies is wrong. I am one of those people who NEEDS sleep, and having two children who didn’t (and don’t) seem to need much has been difficult and has shown me sides of myself that I don’t much care for.

Babies don’t understand that mama is exhausted and needs sleep – all they understand are the overwhelming feelings of need; of emotional pain and longing.

We may know that our babies are safe in their rooms, but they do not know this.

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This difficult stage in our lives has really made me think about why I make the parenting choices that I make.