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Thank you for asking, I appreciate your chutzpah.” She may be America’s sweetheart, but Couric is no pushover.

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Today’s puzzler: Which is more impressive, dating Katie Couric or making a 9 figure income? I have tried to figure out the connection between Katie Couric as Commencement Speaker and Katie Couric as Eph girlfriend (of Brooks Perlin ’96) for several months. That’s a joke.” Couric explained that she had been asked to speak at Commencement two years ago, but rescheduled for 2007 because of prior commitments.

Bicentennial Medals will be awarded in just 3 months . On the one hand, it seemed unlikely that it was a coincidence that Couric’s boyfriend and speaking plans were both Eph-related. Commencement Speakers are selected well in advanced and, yet, Couric and Perlin only started dating in the fall. He doesn’t wield that much influence, tell them.” But Couric does have personal ties to the College, albeit less sensational ones. “I’m really very, very honored because I know what a fine school Williams is and what a beautiful place Williamstown is.” But she still remained mum about her much-younger boyfriend.

There he was known as a jock who liked to parade around – a la John F. But when Perlin called for a date, Katie couldn’t resist saying yes. He last worked at Keel Capital Management in Stamford but left to start a Queens-based company that creates environmentally friendly, green-building products.

Before that, the spin-class-obsessed triathlete worked for a short time at both Pequot Capital Management and Grange Park, a hedge fund that’s now closed.

Going somewhat the other way, rumor has it that Katie Couric, 52, may wed her 35-year-old smoochums Brooks Perlin this year. Couric was the Commencement Speaker in 2007 and I have a crazy theory that it was the Williams connection that brought the two together.