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Trance states guided and cured by the Satyr, the priest of Dionysus, contributed to solving the conflict related to sexuality, typical of hysteria disease [6].

Hippocrates (5th century BC) is the first to use the term .

I believe at the core of Greek women’s “hysteria” is their lack of self-esteem and their harrowing insecurities.

If you are raised in a culture that makes you believe either consciously and subconsciously that you are inferior, second-class, your internal landscape will be skewed so much that you might not even be aware of your own unhappiness.

The Euripidy’s myth says that a collective way of curing (or, if we prefer, preventing) melancholy of the uterus is represented by the Dionysian experience of the Maenads, who reached catharsis through wine and orgies [5].