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Things are heating up on Grey’s Anatomy, and lesbian sparks are flying.We all knew Arizona was going to move on eventually, but many of us were wondering once Eliza Minnick set foot on screen if it really had to be with .

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Her FBI tactical vest, and black cargo pants concealed her petite frame, however the form fitting long sleeve shirt she wore beneath the vest managed to nicely outline her arms.

Originally the idea to attack the bank, which occupied 26 terrorists more or less, from the rear parking lot had been her idea, but now that decision was coming back to haunt her.

Eliza is abrasive, cocky, forward, and pretty destructive within the Grey’s clique – largely due to how she handles teaching her craft.

Arizona has been through the emotional ringer, and the risky behavior that comes along with pairing up with Minnick could lead to some serious crash and burn.

He proceed to speak quietly into what she assumed to be a radio.