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The Great Lake Seaway Trail region was the vital transportation and communication link between France and her colonies.

The struggle for control of this area was essential to the overall strategy for dominion of North America.

Building costs were estimated to be 00.00 and the government allotted that amount for the building of the lighthouse.

From stories passed down, several safe houses were used to harbor “Freedom Seekers” included what is now Maxwell Creek B & B, Silver Waters B & B, the old Cohn Farm and the old Sodus Fruit Farm. In 1884 the Northern Central Railroad bought the Sodus Point and Southern Railroad, creating a land-water shipping route from Pennsylvania to Canada.

In 1886 a coal trestle, at the west end of the bay, was erected and a commercial coal shipping business started which served all ports on Lake Ontario. On May 26, 1824, Congress approved a lighthouse located on Sodus Bay in Sodus Point, NY.

Davina Mc Naney is an amazing and inspirational woman who grew up and was married in Sodus Point. July 2015 For the next few weeks, Geraldo Rivera’s sailboat “Voyager” is being refurbished at Katlyn Marina.

Doug Hazlitt has brought in another historic vessel.

James Fenimore Cooper (1789 – 1851) was the most celebrated American author of the first half of the 19th century.